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Five Most Popular Replica Watch

The past year saw a lot of wristwatch brands shun out products from their unending catalog. From popular brands like Rolex, Audemars, Apple, Patek, and Hublot. It is a known fact that these brand’s wristwatches are luxurious and come with elite price tags.

However, the most exciting part of all this is that this popular wristwatch with high profiles is closely followed by some fantastic replica’s that are as popular as the real and original brand itself. Some of this watch includes

Chinese Apple Smart Watch clone

While there’s a lot of hype on the market about the Apple watch series 5, the watch costs an arm and a leg combined. On the flip side, the clone version made by a Chinese firm cost just about $60, and it comes with amazing features.

Rolex Daytona Replica Watch

The fake rolex Submariner was one adorned by Hollywood artists and industry experts, so its normal if people just want a share of the luxury. This replica cost about $260, and even though it is just a replica, it still gives you that luxury.

Patek Replica Watch

Apparently, everybody had an arm in a Patek. The original version cost quite a lot, and you could see the beauty hanging on the wrist of famous musicians’, the replica is a lot less in quality but sold at a high.

Quartz Geneva Replica

The Quartz Geneva replica also had a fair share of the market; you could almost see it on every lady. Costing a little above $16, it was a beauty to try.


Hublot was everywhere; the cheap version of course. And everyone except a few of us were less interested. The Hublot replica cost a lot less compared to the original price.

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